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Tanks VR for the HTC Vive is available now on Steam. Below is a list of all current features as well as a list of all planned features.

Current features

  • Battles with up to 10 players: fight in large battles with other players

  • Solo tanks: intuitive controls allow one person to control the M5 Stuart or Panzer 38

  • In-game voice chat: communicate with your team or taunt your enemy

  • Physical lobbies: discuss battle tactics with your team in an underground bunker before a match starts

  • Realistic damage model: each tank has strong and weak spots, use them to win from your enemy

  • Historical maps: fight in close quarters or long distance on two urban maps

  • Immersive war ambience: distant explosions and gunshots will immerse you in the game

  • Practice mode: practice your tank skills in the solo practice mode

Planned features

  • AI bots: play against or with bots, solo or with other players

  • Multi-crewed tanks: take up the role of gunner or driver in bigger tanks

  • Oculus/WMR support: use your favorite VR HMD

  • More tanks: fight in more types of solo or multi-crewed tanks

  • More maps: take the fight to other environments, such as the African desert

  • More gamemodes: play gamemodes such as Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All and more

  • Progression system: upgrade your tank or buy new tanks using income earned during matches based on your performance

The development of Tanks VR takes place in so-called phases, where each phase contains a set of new features that will be worked on. The diagram below gives an overview of the development phases of Tanks VR. To stay up to date about the development of Tanks VR, check out the devlog.

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